CHW19solution - .---2 -J'( v *i4O jzo Ac-iL(-14-'t r fFl 1...

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kar Name 4ll/200911:05:00 AM 1. The following circuit is from Lab 11. If the input phasor voltage Vl is 5/.0'V find the phasor voltage V3 across the inductor and the phasor voltage Yc =Y2-V3 across the capacitor at a frequency of 50.329 WIz. Plot this phasor diagram. What is the phasor voltage V2 across both the capacitor and inductor? - i ')-- '- 2'- Air *. tr'ffi,1o'./D,to'1 O = - j7/4-22'f )L'L = izn(L -, = i7n 5t>tz1 ^/"lD , i"3/l.zL I t3/(,. z= j t9. st Vz 2 tb' ///b * JO:J 29 3/ / -?+) V3 ^1 T I Vc= 5k' V*-' / Class Homework Problerns #19 Monday, Apr.6,2009 o Vt' /5.stlZ -;7il,2> : -: /t,7/ /rzu + 1 /9t t'?>- 7/ 6 z\) V= V,, *Vt, j/!-,xt-i)t'71 =
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Class Homework Problems #19 Monday, Apr. 6,2009 "..'l/ EI Name 4/l/2409 I l:05:00 AM 2. In CHW17 you used nodal analysis to find the phasor current Io in the circuit shown below. Find this current using Thevenin's theorem. )DE Vo"" J'/ + /b -5u /u -19 Z5L 4 ,, t) 4 I ,-D V, ; -'--'€ - z'iu
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Unformatted text preview: .---2 -J'( v *i4O jzo Ac-iL(-14-'t r fFl 1 ) Class Homework Problems #19 Monday, Apr. 6,2009-.j /u 'c ft 7= eL ru ('i/-,c) fz 144Y Name 4lll}009 I l:05:00 AM-l/ot'C R (,t4"L) tZ+JaoL 3. In the circuit shown below find the voltage v6(f) across the resistor. Note that in this circuit the two voltage sources have different frequencies. This means that you rza^rt use superposition to solve this problem. We can't use mesh analysis, for example, because the impedances of the inductor and capacitor will be different for the two different voltege sources. L=2H C=tpF vr(t) =l0cos377t AC vr(t) = 5sin754t l-:zu (= 17. l= C' /rl= .ib,L + V, 'J/b( + ,2 KQ AC u ,r 777 lb/0 H 5p' 4 r= 7s'4 rL- -L t<i, o I r j,u,lLc Vo= /ou t/- - r-/-2,'+ = V=* /r". vcz ,_ Z._1 4"k) = Voz* /6t (L" t t d"-l \, k) = 4,. cu; (a,/ * A-.) u,lfr) j-L ++ *:, /.=ZH = 4. /c) t q"kJ...
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CHW19solution - .---2 -J'( v *i4O jzo Ac-iL(-14-'t r fFl 1...

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