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Untitled-7 - 20 You have been interested in income...

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Unformatted text preview: 20. You have been interested in income inequality between countries and have decided to look closely at the United States and Sweden. While the average income between the two countries is similar, you would like to prove that the spread of income is greater in the United States. You randomly collect data on incomes for the United States (population 1) and Sweden (population 2) and have the partial Excel output presented below with a significance level in Excel of 5%: F-Test Two-Sample for Variances United States Sweden Mean 90.286 89.571 Variance 10784571 83.619 Observations 7 7 df 6 6 F 12.899 P(F<=f) one-tail — F Critical one—tail — Assuming that the pictures below represent the F distribution that starts at 0 and goes off to positive infinity, what would the shaded area of the p—Viilue look like in relation to your hypothesis? 229 ...
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