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Groups 1 for students

Groups 1 for students - QUIZ INSTRUCTIONS Group Dynamics...

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1 QUIZ INSTRUCTIONS Put all your belongings on the floor Write your name on the back of the page (and legibly) Answer any THREE questions If you answer all four, circle the three you want me to grade (or I’ll grade the first three) Turn in your quiz to me when you’re finished You have 15 minutes – GOOD LUCK! Group Dynamics MGMT 371 – Class Session #6 Monday, September 8 th , 2008 Prof. Marc H. Anderson On the Application Papers Format: No extra spaces, indent paragraphs THREE distinct thoughts (in three paragraphs) No introduction or conclusion needed If one page, needs to be done carefully Don’t need to reference class materials Evaluation of class itself Don’t get the concepts wrong (e.g., soldiering, boss in Modern Times Taylor’s views) On the Application Papers AVOID REGURGITATION This is bad: “Modern Times shows a factory in which scientific management has taken control.
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