Decision Making 3 Session #3

Decision Making 3 Session #3 - Quiz#3 on Monday Decision...

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Decision Making #3 MGMT 371 – Class Session #11 Friday, September 19 th , 2008 Prof. Marc H. Anderson Quiz #3 on Monday A few comments on quiz grading Imagine a job interview with a consulting company Have you explained it correctly to someone who doesn’t know the material? Not whether I can “read” the answer in what you’ve said (I already know the material) The Output Bias “Although both good and bad decisions can lead to successful and unsuccessful outcomes, judges assume that the correlation between good decisions and good outcomes (and bad decisions and bad outcomes) is much higher than it actually is.” – Davies (2003: 244) The Input Bias Defined as “the systematic misuse of input information in judgments of outcome quality.” People “automatically associate input quantity information with output quality … even when people recognize that input information should be irrelevant.” The Input Bias Example: Face time Example: Presentation quality Example: Advertising (“slow brewed” “our employees haven’t taken a vacation in years”) Example: # of patents ( innovative ability) Example: Law firms rewarding # of hours billed (vs. client satisfaction, efficiency) The Input Bias Why does it happen? (1) Because often the relationship between
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Decision Making 3 Session #3 - Quiz#3 on Monday Decision...

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