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MIDTERM2NOTES - Return on Invested Capital is the...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Return on Invested Capital is the appropriate measure of profitability for strategy formu Porter's 5 Forces--The framework breaks out the players in the industry ° suppliers, ne HERSHEY-BLANCHARD situational leadership model. Leaders adjust their styles depending on the readiness of their followers to perform in A life-cycle theory of leadership postulating that a manager should consider an employ Readiness 5 how able, willing and confident followers are in performing tasks: Job m Hersey and Blanchard“ s Situational Leadership Theory (SLT): Creates four specific leadership styles incorporating FiedlerB s two leadership dimensi Telling: high task-low relationship leadership Selling: high task-high relationship leadership Participating: low task-high relationship leadership Delegating: low task-low relationship leadership Fiedler± s Contingency Model: Effectiveness depends on two factors: the personal st Questions used to analyze the situation Are leader-member relations good or poor? Is the task structure or unstructured? Is the leaderB s position power strong or weak? Transactional Leadership: Leadership based on transactions or exchanges -- the prom Transformational Leadership: Leadership which transforms followers and organization Displaying a sense of power and confidence (Charisma) Articulating a compelling vision and energizing followers to pursue the vision (inspiratio Recognizing problems, promoting thought and careful problem solving, and encouragi Providing coaching and advising (individual consideration) Displaying conviction in their ideals, beliefs, and values (idealized influence) Mike Krzyzewski -transformational Bobby Knight -transactional Humility + Will = Level 5 leadership 1=highly capable KATHARINE GRAHAM Video Notes: Became powerful, important and controversial after husband5 s death. Went from home-maker to managing a company on her own after husband± s death.
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  • Situational leadership theory, Fiedler, red oceans, task-low relationship leadership, task-high relationship leadership

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