ECOR1101 - Course Outline 2010 Winter Sections B, C, D and...

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ECOR 1101 B, C, D and E 1/3 Course Outline 2010 Winter Sections B, C, D and E Course Objectives This is a required course for all engineering students, except for Engineering Physics students who take a different Physics course. Mechanics is one of the oldest engineering disciplines and it has traditionally been a component of all engineering programs for many years, as required for accreditation purposes. In the first year of engineering you will study the basic sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) and Mechanics is a very important branch of Physics. Learning Mechanics will provide you with important problem-solving concepts and skills that are transferable to all other subjects in your specific program. Here you will learn the basic applications of the science of physics to the profession of engineering. Mathemat- ics also plays a very important role in this course and here you will be able to review basic concepts and skills in algebra, trigonome- try, vectors, calculus, etc and their application to engineering mechanics. To understand the basic concepts of science discussed in this course requires attendance and class participation. To develop the skills required for this and other courses requires practice and par- ticipation in tutorials and other course elements. Students wishing to enhance and polish Math and other skills will benefit from extra- curricular activities offered, such as the Office Hours and the PASS program, in addition to the regular lectures and tutorials. Lectures & Instructors Section B: 360 TB Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:35 – 9:55 am Section C: 301 AT Mondays & Wednesdays 10:05 – 11:25 am Section D: 2000 MC Wednesdays & Fridays 8:35 – 9:55 am Section E: C264 LA Mondays & Wednesdays 8:35 – 9:55 am Abass Braimah 2038 MC 520-2600 Ext 2077 Office hours: Wed 1-4 PM Ehab Zalok 3370 ME 520-2600 Ext 7450 Office hours: Mon & Wed 8:30-9:30am Juan Salinas 7066 MC 520-2600 Ext 7467 Office hours: Fri 10:30am-12:00noon Muslim Majeed Office hours: Mon & Friday 5:30-6:30PM LA C760 Tutorials/ Problem Analysis Sessions: starting Week 2 Sec B: Fri 8:35-11:25 am Sec C: Mon 2:35-5:25 pm Sec D: Wed 11:35–2:25 pm Sec E: Thu 11:35–2:25 pm B1: 4342 ME B2: 4332 ME B3: 3165 ME B4: 4494 ME C1: 516 SA C2: 180 UC C3: 317 SA C4: 4342 ME D1: 4332 ME D2: 4494 ME D3: 502 SA D4: B146 LA E1: 4332 ME E2: 4494 ME E3: B149 LA E4: 501 SA Additional contact hours and student support: The Faculty of Engineering and Design is committed to the academic success of all its students and, in addition to the officially scheduled lectures (3 hr/wk) and tutorials (3 hr/wk) for this course. We offer other oppor- tunities for students to become proficient with course materials and to ease their transition into our engineering programs, as per the schedule bellow. Office Hours
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This note was uploaded on 03/05/2010 for the course ENG ECOR1101 taught by Professor Zalinas during the Spring '10 term at Canadian University College.

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ECOR1101 - Course Outline 2010 Winter Sections B, C, D and...

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