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Extra Credit - the problem right I noticed everyone else...

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Kayle Erickson Instructor: Gouin Psychology 101 MWF: 9:30-10:48 Extra-Credit Assignment A phenomenon in class that I have fallen pray to would be conformity as seen in the study done by Asch. Asch conducted a study in which a participant was put into a group and asked to match up different sized lines. The participant usually gave the same answer as the other members of the group even when they incorrectly matched the lines. I can recall in school being placed in small groups to practice math problems for tests. We would have one person from each group go up to the chalkboard and see who can solve the problem correctly first. I would look over to see if I got the same answer as the people on the board next to me. When I thought I had
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Unformatted text preview: the problem right I noticed everyone else had a different answer. I immediately changed my answer to what they had, figuring I didn’t want to be the only one with the wrong answer. As it turns out they all copied off each other and made the same mistake and I had erased my original correct answer. This has helped me in the future by allowing me be more confident in myself and to not worry if I differ from the group because sometimes the entire group can even be wrong. I learned that If I hold a different belief from the rest of my peers in the future I will not change it just so I can fit in....
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