Amos - E.) There are many well known stories of Amoss...

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Kayle Erickson October 2, 2005 Amos- (750 B.C.E.) A farmer, and hears God’s call while he is tending sheep in his home of Tekoa 1.) Amos’s stories can be found in his own book of the Bible, located between Joel and Obadiah. It contains nine chapters. 2.) A.) The part Amos played in Israel’s history would be condemns empty ritualism and the oppression of the poor. He showed Israel’s fate through his visions B.) His prophesy took place before the Babylonian Exile. C.) Amos worked with King Jeroboam 2 of Israel and against King Uzzriah of Judah D.) Stories- Amos condemning the rich women of Samaria, Tells of Israel’s destruction through his visions, Amaziah of Bethel makes Amos leave Bethel.
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Unformatted text preview: E.) There are many well known stories of Amoss vision to the Israelites when locusts eat their crops. F.) People thoughts of Amos were he was harsh blunt, and gets angry very easily. 3.) A.) The story of Amos going to Samaria, and condemning the rich women by comparing them to fat cattle. (Amos 3:9b-11, 15; 4:1-3) Also Amos visions of Israels final fate while he was working. The vision was of the Israelites dying off helplessly. Some metaphors would be: Locusts eating all the crops, fire burning all the fields, and the crocked walls of Israel collapsing. B.) Even today God wants us to show love and kindness toward the poor and criticize empty ritualism...
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Amos - E.) There are many well known stories of Amoss...

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