Lab report 2 - did help a lot but still a slight amount of...

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Purpose: To determine the percent sulfate in a sample using a semimicro scale gravimetric procedure. Procedure: Please see pgs. 39-43 of General Chemistry Laboratory Experiments, Volume 1 by Judith Casey & Robert Tatz, Hayden McNeil, 2009-2010. Sample Calculations: See attached paper Report Questions: See attached paper Conclusion: The first part of the lab dealt with determining the mass of the sample and had few complications. In test tube one I had .0700g of sample and .0691g in the second test tube. It part B, I had to dissolve the sample as well as add the precipitating agent. My source of error began in this step when I added the drop of BaCl2 to my precipitates. It was challenging for me to get rid of all the cloudiness since some of my precipitate stuck to the sides of the test tubes. I did repeat step 8 by adding ten more drops of BaCl2. This
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Unformatted text preview: did help a lot, but still a slight amount of cloudiness was visible. During part C, I had to isolate and wash the precipitate. It was fairly easy for me to remove the supernant liqued above the BaSO4 using the 9-inch micropipet ,however; in Part D when I had to heat the test-tube gently over a flame I was not able to completely remove all the water left in test-tube two. This caused my mass to weigh more than it should have weighed after both test tubes were placed in the sand baths. After the final sand bath heatings were complete I got the results of .04050g of Sulfate in test tube one and .05227g of sulfate in test tube two. This made my percent sulfate in test tube one about 57.9% and 75.6% for the second test tube. The average percent sulfate in my lab ended up being 66.8%....
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This note was uploaded on 03/05/2010 for the course CHEM 086178 taught by Professor Dr.chiu during the Spring '10 term at Aarhus Universitet.

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Lab report 2 - did help a lot but still a slight amount of...

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