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apple safety copy - Experimental procedure During all...

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Experimental procedure During all experiments, a lab coat, safety goggles and appropriate gloves will be worn. After all the apple beverages were purchased, they are stored at room temperature, unless stated on the bottle to be kept refrigerated. If that is the case they will be removed from the fridge before experiments in order to perform each experiment at room temperature. Using the automatic titrator, the pH and buffering capacities of the apple product samples are determined. 1. The device should first be calibrated using standard solutions with a known pH. For safety purposes, the standard solutions with low pH should be carefully handled to avoid contact with skin. 2. The pH is then determined by injecting each sample, taken from the apple beverages stored at room temperature into, the device. No major precautions must be taken with this step, such as using a fume hood, because the acid content of the apple samples are not harmful (we do drink them daily, so I should hope so!) 3. To determine the buffering capacities, sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is used as the buffering solution. NaOH should first be injected into the device, and then the buffering capacities can be tested by injecting each sample into the automatic titrator. NaOH is a strong base, therefore when pouring the buffering solution in the beaker; it should be done in the fume hood. Using the Inductively Coupled Plasma with Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES), the amount of metals, calcium ions, magnesium and phosphorous can be determined. 1. The device should be calibrated with standard solutions of the components to be tested. 2.
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apple safety copy - Experimental procedure During all...

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