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1 ERS 185 MID TERM STUDY QUESTIONS February 14, 2008 IMAGE INTERPRETATION Name and define the 9 elements of image interpretation, and provide an example for each one. Would the element of site/situation/association take more interpretation experience than tone/color? (Yes or No) How does identification of known features help in identifying unknown features? Name at least one advantage of hierarchical landcover/landuse classification system? Short assay: Pick one discipline, describe how you would use aerial photo interpretation to solve a problem, hypothesis, and resolve a dispute, include classification theme and define three examples of classes: landuse planning, agronomy, demography, or defense intelligence. STEREO AND IMAGE SCALE Define sidelap and forward overlap. Compare and contrast air base and photo base. Where does the stereo model reside in a stereo pair? Solve for the following: Diagram and label the following: Focal length (f) and Above Ground Level height (AGL) And show the equation for calculating scale (S) given f and AGL. If the camera has an f = 88 mm and is flown at 8800 m AGL, what is representative scale is the original image? If the print is 230 mm (9 inches) on a side, what is the area in the photo at this scale? In an image, the distance between two known features is 2.4 cm, and the distance on the ground is 2,400 m. What are the representative and verbal scales of this image? Show the equation, and your math. MULTISPECTRAL SYSTEMS Analog to Digital conversation relates to what step in acquiring a multispectral image? When you have the Digital Number, can you compare images of different sensors and dates (yes or no)? Explain.
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2 How are prisms used in multispectral scanner systems? Define a linear and area array sensor.
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midtermstudyquestions - ERS 185 MID TERM STUDY QUESTIONS...

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