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part2_studyquestions - STUDY QUESTIONS FOR SECOND PART OF...

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Photo Interpretation of Water Images 1. What property of water may cause problems when trying to detect bottom features (such as coral reefs, submerged aquatic vegetation, or benthic communities)? 2. Which region of the EM spectrum is best suited for water penetration? Which region is almost completely absorbed? 3. If you were asked to map Tahiti's coral reef, the terrestrial surface area, and the surrounding water color, which three bands would you choose, and why? 4. What effect does suspended sediment have on the remote sensing of surface water? Suspended sediment? Accuracy Assessment 1. Using the UTM coordinate system and the NAD1983 datum, the SE corner of Hoagland Hall is located at (608,594.189 mE, 4,266,696.388 mN). With NAD 1927, the coordinates for this feature are (608,690.137 mE, 4,266,501.099 mN). Calculate the RMS between these two datums at this point. Show your work and include the units. 2. You use high-resolution aerial photography for a wildlife inventory in the Serengeti. With reference data derived from radio-tagged animals and a field survey of the stationary objects, you create the following confusion matrix: a. What is the overall accuracy? b. What is the class conditional kappa for elephants? With what class are elephants most frequently confused? 3. What sized field plot should you sample to validate your analysis of 1m photos? 4. What should your minimum sample size be to validate a land cover map with 4 thematic classes? Reference Data
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  • Spring '10
  • Orders of magnitude, Geographic coordinate system, Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system, Coordinate system, reference data

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part2_studyquestions - STUDY QUESTIONS FOR SECOND PART OF...

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