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G–1 (Basic Photo Interpretation, March 2000) Basic Photo Interpretation Glossary Glossary absolute altitude Altitude above the actual surface of a planet or natural satellite, either land or water. absolute orientation The scaling, leveling, and orientation to ground control (in a photogrammetric instrument) of a relatively oriented stereoscopic model or group of models. absorbed light Light rays that are neither reflected nor transmitted when directed toward opaque or transparent materials. absorption The process by which radiant energy is absorbed and converted into other forms of energy. absorption band A range of wavelengths (or frequencies) in the electromagnetic spectrum within which radiant energy is absorbed by a substance. accomodation The faculty of the human eye to adjust itself to give sharp images for different object distances. The ability of the eyes to bring two images into superimposition for stereoscopic viewing. accuracy The closeness of results of observations, computations, or estimates to the true values or to values which are accepted as being true. achromatic Devoid of hue, or transmitting light without showing its constituent colors. actinic light A part of the spectrum that causes chemical changes to take place in light sensi- tive photographic emulsions. The light that creates images on light sensitive material. active Denotes a source of radiation external to the surface or object. active microwave A system or a sensor that provides its own source of EMR in the microwave region (1mm to 1m), to detect and/or locate objects, measure altitude and to acquire imagery of the terrain. Examples are synthetic and real apperture radar, radar scatterometer and radar altimeter. active systems A system having its own source of EMR as for example a radar or an ultraviolet backlight. acuity, visual A measure of the human eye’s ability to separate details in viewing an object. acutance An objective measure of the ability of a photographic system to show a sharp edge between contiguous areas of low and high illuminance. adaption The faculty of the human eye to adjust its sensitivity to varying intensities of illumination. Glossary 1/ 1/ American Society of Photogrammetry. 1984. Multilingual Dictionary of Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry. Ed. George H. Rabchevsky, Falls Church, VA.
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Basic Photo Interpretation Glossary G–2 (Basic Photo Interpretation, March 2000) Glossary additive color process A method for creating essentially all colors through the addition of light of the 3 additive color primaries (blue, green, and red) in various proportions. altitude, absolute Height above the surface of the Earth as distinguished from altitude, height above sea level. It is sometimes referred to as radar or radio altitude. analytical
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Glossary - Glossary Glossary Glossary1 Basic Photo...

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