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Special+Topic+Pelagic+Fishes - What would you guess are...

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Special Topic: Pelagic Fishes Pelagic top predators prey on small schooling fish and squid, which they locate and capture through high-speed swimming. Thus, most of the features that characterize these fishes are adaptations for fast and continuous swimming. Exercise 1) Look at the barracuda, mackerel and cutlass fish before you. What morphological features are adaptations for fast and continuous swimming? (general body shape, cross section, scales, spines, location/size/shape of fins)
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Unformatted text preview: What would you guess are characteristics of their muscular and respiratory systems? Exercise 2) Prey species often coevolve with their predators. What morphological features might you expect in prey species (think about the anchovy and herring that you learned about during the first lab)? What other predator avoidance tactics may they have developed?...
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