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Common Questions Q: Why was it so important to change to this structure? A: In the 35+ years The Food Coop has been in business, the natural foods market has greatly expanded! To remain relevant, our Coop must evolve as many other Coops have done across the U.S. By purchasing shares in the Coop, Member-Owners will strengthen our cooperative community and actively build the financial strength of the Coop. This change will also let us join our buying power with food coops across the nation. Q: Have other Coops made this switch? A: Yes! 90% of registered Food Coops operate with a Member-Owner structure. Q: What is a Member- Owner Share? A: A Member-Owner Share is your portion of ownership in the Fort Collins Food Coop. It is an investment that works at every level toward a better Co-op and a better community. Member-Owners of the Fort Collins Food Coop are investing in the local economy. Their money supports a values- driven organization that strives to create environmental stewardship and social justice. Q: What if I want to sell back my membership share?
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