HW _4 P2213 S10-1 - Physics 2213 Homework #4 Spring 2010 *...

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Physics 2213 Homework #4 Spring 2010 *** Prelim Exam #1 is scheduled for 7:30-9 PM on Thursday evening, March 4. It will cover textbook Chapters #21-23, 25, 26; Homeworks #1-5; Lab Units #1-3; and all lecture questions, examples, theory, discussions, and demonstrations. Persons with conflicts or special needs please contact Prof. Elser (ve10@cornell.edu) ASAP to make appropriate arrangements. GRAPHING and PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATORS may NOT be used at the exam. *** Read: Chapter 25, sections 25.2-5; Chapter 26, intro., section 26.1, 5 Handouts: Ideal Electric Circuit Rules, Kirchhoff's Circuit Rules Basic Ideas: Electric Current, Voltage, Resistance, Potential Energy, Potential, Work, Power Properties of conductors carrying electric current Resistors in Series and Parallel Conservation of Energy & Electric Charge Math Skills: Algebra, Topology ("Connectedness") Conservative Vector Fields & Potentials Learning Goals: (Be sure you understand where and how each goal applies to our homework, discussion, lecture, and lab activities.) * Relate magnitudes and directions or polarities of electric currents, voltages, and electric fields in electric circuits. * Predict how properties of electric circuits will change when components or connections are changed. * Determine the power dissipated by electrical resistances (including light bulbs) in circuits.
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HW _4 P2213 S10-1 - Physics 2213 Homework #4 Spring 2010 *...

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