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Astronomy_1_worksheet_4_part_2 - 2 The Asteroids Celestia...

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2. The Asteroids
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Celestia will sweep you out of your chairThe chair refers to a classroom chair or an ordinary chair at home, so calling it a “celestial armchair” would not be correct here. 1. and into the darkness of space far from the Sun. The Milky Way of stars is ablaze to your right. Near the left center of your view will be the Earth and red Mars (those bright dots in the far distance). You are aboard the Celestia 2 spaceship looking out its window. Its engines are off now and you are drifting silently. Enjoy your spectacular view for a bit. 2. Try to understand just how far away from home you are. If you were traveling in the NASA Space Shuttle, it would take you almost two years to get home to Earth from here. The nearest star you see in the sky would take you over 120,000 years to reach, even if you fired your engines at full throttle. 3. Let’s take a look at your ship by launching an exterior camera. To do so, click here . Isn’t she a beauty? The Celestia 2 and its sister ship, the Celestia 1
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