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? Figure 20 – where is this tail pointing? Surrounding Halley will be a blue haze, which represents water vapor and hydrocarbon gases, droplets of water ice and particles of rock dust that are being blown off of the comet from the Sun’s heat. This surrounding haze is called the comet Coma . As the Sun’s radiation hits it, it blows it out into a long “comet Tail ”. To confirm that, using your right mouse, rotate the scene and determine exactly what that tail is always pointing at (or away from). See figure 20 as an illustration. Record your answer in the data worksheet. Go to worksheet . 1. Halley is a large comet with lots of ice, so it develops a big, bright, visible tail when it enters the inner Solar system. It is on an orbital path that takes it around the Sun every 76 years . The last time it came by the vicinity of Earth was 1986, so it will be another 58 years before it returns. How old will you be then? 2. Here is what you will see if you look for Halley in 2061.
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Unformatted text preview: The view is a spectacular June sunrise, with the planets Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter rising at the same time as the Sun and comet Halley. Click here . Press [ L ] once to speed up the time. Watch an incredible scene unfold (it’s worth the wait). 3. To see Halley’s orbit, click here . You will be taken in your ship far above the plane of the Solar System. Halley’s orbit will be highlighted in red. Now, rotate the scene with your right-mouse and determine the outermost reach of its orbit. Does it end between Mars and Jupiter, between Uranus and Neptune, beyond Pluto in the Kuiper Belt …? 4. Complete all remaining questions in the data worksheet. Go to Worksheet. 5. To see your position here at the edge of the Solar System, click here . A camera will be launched by your ship, the Celestia 2 , showing its exterior. It is ready to carry you to new voyages of exploration and discovery. Are you ready to command it?...
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