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Form A BIO 3l lD Spring 2007 Dr. Zhao Name(sign): EXAM I SELECT THE SJNCTE BEST ANSWER FOR EACH OF THE FOLLOWTNG: (2.5 points for each question) What is the rnost important difference beEween meiosis and mitosis? a. Meiosis is faster than mitosis. b. UeioaiB ploduces different va!l.etieB of ce11s, lrher€as Ditosis produceE identical daughte! cel1E. c. Meiosis occurs onl-y in somatic cells and mitosj-s rn qarneElc ce11s. d. Both a and b e. Both b and c V^, Name(print): n*l- ID prophase I of meiosi6, the nr.rnber of chromatids in a ceLl of a person with Turner, s syndrome (XO) is a, 23- b. 45. c. 180. d. 90. e. 92. During meiosis, sister separate duting a. anaphaEe I. b. anaphaae II. c. s phase. d. s],napsis. e. tefophase II. Which statement about asexual reproduction is true? a. In asexual reproduction, a cell divided by a furrowing of the plasma menibrane . b. Asexual necessalily involves meiogis. c. In asexual there j-s genetic valiation among the off€pring. In aEexual reproduction. two gametes fuse to produce a zygote. e. AsexuaL reproductLon produccs a clone of offsprLng lhat al:e genetically ideutical to tb. par.Dt'. In meiogiE, a. a single Ducleus give6 lise to tvro daughter nuclei. b. the daughter nuclei are genetically to the parent nucLeus. c. the centromeres separatse at the onset of anaDhase I. d. hoDologous chromoaoneg synapsc iD prophaae I. e, no spindle forms. 1.
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A person with Speck h1s body cells? a. 23 b. 1 s)mdrome has how many sex chromosomes in each of c.2 d.3 e.24 9. which of the followinq is not -true of homologous chromosome pairs? a. They cone fron only on€ of the f"df.fd".i,; p"r";;-*:" i;.ilj.I.]lli.t" conrain slishtly differenr ".,.i"""-'oi ' .r,. same senetic c. They segregate from each other during meiosis T. d. They s),napse du::ing I. e. Each contains two sisteri chromatids at the beginning of meiosis L Different foqns of a gene are cafled a. traits. b. phenot!?es. c. genot)e)es. d. alteles. e. None of the above In Mendel,s expeliments. if the allele for tall (?) plants was ucompletely dominant over allete =n"ra -iaipl""-a., "n"" offspring $rould have result a. r7r tirr; 1/, r;;;;"-;;r."'".'i;,L:'ilT':;"two rt prants? b. r/2 talti 1/4 internediare height; 1/4 shorr c. !/4 tallt 1/4 internediate 1/2 short d. All the offspring would have been taI1. e. A11 rhe offspring have been ot intermediate height. 10. It has been found that at a different alleles exist in allefes. ,certain locus of the human genome, 200 Ene pop\rlation. Each person has at most l?t-: .t" rhe correct way to write rhe name Ene brnomial system of nomenclature? c. 100 d. 200 e. 400 11. Cleft chin is a sex_linked trait. A man lrith a cleft chin ffi ii,ffj iil"lr]lin.irl"Ha cr,in. wrr_f pe,"",i-i- "i Ti.",, te.are prose.,y b. 25* c. s0t d. 75t e. 1009 t2. Which of the follorring
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Practice_Exam1_key - V^ F ormA BIO 3 l l D S pring2 007 Dr...

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