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Exam_3_qn_answ - thrcugb the adutl,lulticeuular diploid...

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Forriort |lrtvcr qucrdott, gv. coDc$g tltculglbtg [rwcri; nece.!try. corrplete re||teocaN arc rot (,|t't!) Answer: follorinq questions using the temrs below 4. The mate ssrnelophyre in secd ptNni! is $e polle* 7r73^^----" , , u,! l_ ,., : u€ mdrura ternale garhctophlte is sn emlryo sac wirh I t ? h"/l- hsploid nuctci. ' *..----, .^. 5. wher a trca is eut do\r,t\ thc cur surface of $" ,,u,op oo.n *o#1 1114_!'Yj, na"oo* , the siz€ ofthe vcgscls. ooh1nant sporophyt€, shall gametophyte, swimring sperm nonmotile spefin, both wind and r,nsect pollinated oolu,nant ganetophyte, not j.le sPern t. Rh i f O idC* *o--absorbing strudues ofthe simpl€st plant gr.oretopilres such as moss€s. 2. Th.1!oto{hyfgcn.r.stior ext tds from tbe zySote
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Unformatted text preview: thrcugb the adutl ,lulticeuular, diploid ptanl. 3. Two specios ofpararre.i,,r, a!€ pl.ced togcth€r io a test tube ard ono species drives the oth6 to extirction. This phcoom .'. .on is ^i .'(I{Ilrpte of (-1^fet;t;Ve C{Llusiqu Pterophytes 2 . Glamno sp e lns .r{ 2-D. Angiosperns needlelike leaves, "16p66, seeds, nolunotjle sperrn 6. In the epidcruric of a tofu. rro .urrru rfrrnttr- who6e [email protected] is controll€d by thc scrion of a peit ot g6ai*@l ltrourdins 6c po.' (lpt.) Matching i 3 -A. 3lyophytes + - c . (7 pts)Labeling ( 0.5 points for each)-Sapradllcf&eiloct (fl ower) T.rminll bud Nod€ lnlemoda Termlnal bud V€gela vs "no.7t Shoot tyaLm .J,{#""; Arlllary Dud Stcm I Root iyStem...
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  • Trigraph, hyfgcn.r.stior ext tds, Forriort |lrtvcr qucrdott, corrpletere||teocaN rc rot, hem ate srnelophyre

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Exam_3_qn_answ - thrcugb the adutl,lulticeuular diploid...

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