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Exam3-4 - 13 Which type of biomc would most likely occur in...

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Unformatted text preview: 13) Which type of biomc would most likely occur in a climate with mild (or cool), rainy winters and hot (or warm), dry summers? A) taiga B) desert C) temperate grassland @ha parral E) savanna 19) 111 general, the total higrnjss in a terrestrial ecosystem will be greatest for which trophic level? A) primary consumers B) tertiary consumers C) herbivores @producers E) secondary consumers 20) The sodium-potassium pump of neurons pumps A) Na+ and W” into the cell. @NN into the cell and K“ out of the cell. C) Na‘l' out of the cell and K” into the cell. D) Na+ and K+ into the cell and PH out of the cell through an antiport, E) Na'l' and K+ out of the cell. 21) The growing season would generally be shortest m which of the following biomes? A) savanna "(fl B) tropical rain forest C) temperate grassland @aiga E) temperate deciduous forest 22) All organisms that reside within an ecosystem and that can potentially interbreed are members of a(n) A) community. B) ecotone. @opulation. D) trophic level. E) aggregation. J ...
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