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Physics 201 Quiz 21 Hydraulic lift: See fig 13.9a in the book on the. We will be including the mass of the water in our calculations. a) What force Fin is required to lift the weight Fout a height hout? Ans the pressure difference between the in and out is Pin-Pout=rho g (hout+hin), where hin is the distance the input piston is compressed. The volume of water is not changed, so Ain hin=Aout hout. So we get Fin/Ain-Fout/Aout=rho g hout(1+Aout/Ain), or Fin=Ain/Aout Fout+rho g hout (Ain + Aout).
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Unformatted text preview: The force required has to hold up the weight of the water as well as the weight Fout. b) How far must the input piston move in order to move the output piston a height hout? From the volume equation, hin=Aout/Ain hout. c) Find the work required in lifting the weight. W=Fin hin=(Ain/Aout Fout+rho g hout (Ain + Aout))(Aout/Ain hout)=Fout hout+rho g hout^2 (Ain+Aout) (Aout/Ain), the work required to lift the weight plus the work required to lift the water....
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