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Do You Need A Financial Planner? You might have considered this question before.  Whether you're a millionaire or just a regular middle class success, chances are you never got much instruction in managing your money. As you increase your income and take on more responsibilities and investments you may not have time to handle every aspect of your finances yourself. It's very natural to feel a bit uneasy about allowing someone else to have control over your hard-earned money. Moreover, there is a general perception that advisers are merely salespeople being paid to sell their company's investment products. There should be a great deal of concern when your financial advisor or planner has incentives to manage your money in such a way that might not be in your best interest. Some people are at ease managing their individual financial affairs, whereas others are better-off hiring someone else to be concerned about details and important decisions. Whether you could do with the services of a financial planner depends on a number of factors: your time, your awareness and understanding of financial matters, and your capacity to make money decisions and survive with the consequences. Why do you need a Financial Planner? If you have some considerable assets built up and are unsure about how to care for and /or grow those  belongings, you're most likely all set for a financial planner. If you presently live from one paycheck to  another or have less than $100,000 collectively in your savings and /or retirement accounts, then you're  most likely not in need of a financial planner thus far.  You will more likely need a Financial Planner if you, prior to making important decisions, like to consult other people and get their opinions. You are more likely to need a Financial Planner if you are not comfortable making day-to-day decisions about transactions that involve a large amount of money. Perhaps you will need a Financial Planner because you are not sure where the money for your retirement or children’s schooling will come from. However, most people are in need of a Financial Planner because they don’t have the time to
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Do You Need A Financial Adviser -...

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