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hung toilets - Basically this means that the waste will...

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Most people have only seen wall hung toilets in public bathrooms or corporate buildings. Wall hung toilets may have had their start in commercial uses, but are rapidly becoming popular in residential bathrooms as well. In many cases for the home bathroom it saves space and allows for easy mopping under and behind the toilet. A small bathroom layout can be improved with additional floor space and a wall mount toilet can be a facet worth taking into consideration. There are a number of other reasons why a wall mounted toilet might the best choice. In some buildings and smaller bathrooms, venting a toilet through the floor of the room may not be feasible, like a conventional toilet. This may be the case for a couple of reasons. If the substrate of the bathroom is made of hard concrete and is difficult to break through cleanly, a toilet vented through the rear may be required.
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Unformatted text preview: Basically, this means that the waste will need to go backwards into the wall instead of the toilet sitting on a pipe in the floor. Even for modern bathrooms, a wall hung toilets may perhaps add a little style. Another functional utility that a wall mounted toilet can offer is the occasion when in a small bathroom the plumber is unable to pitch the drain of the toilet from the floor back to the waste line and stack line effectively. If this happens then a wall mounted toilet will need to be hung to work around this problem. Wall hung toilets can also be great in small bathroom design. For a small bathroom or powder room, a wall hung toilet can add visually to enlarge the look of a room, especially if the toilet tank is hidden in the wall. The toilet will then take up much less space and add a great deal to the appeal and size of the room....
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