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If you have been on Facebook recently then you

If you have been on Facebook recently then you - If you...

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If you have been on Facebook recently then you've most likely seen some of the ads on the sides of the pages. Not the banner ads, which are usually reserved for big companies, Social Ads are a fast and reasonably priced way for anybody to get in touch with the Facebook market. You can find these adds either on the side of the page and now they can be found on the user's News Feed, and also attach to friends' walls. On Facebook, the ad structure is CPC which stands for cost-per-click and means that you pay a fee each time somebody clicks on your ad or CPM which charges you for impressions or the number of times your ad can be seen on a page. When you initially publish the ad, you buy account credit which will goes towards each click. In other words, let’s say each click costs $0.20, and then you can purchase $10 of credit, then you will pay this amount once you get 50 clicks. Your ad will keep showing on pages until you get all the clicks and your credit then runs out. The great thing about advertising your home business or other business you can make money online using facebook as your marketing tool. When your ad is up, Facebook will keep track of your statistics with tools called Facebook Insights . Once you create and post an ad, you can go back and refill your account or keep track of the number of clicks your ad is getting each day. You can also modify anytime. Facebook tools will allow you to view reports on the number of impressions, clicks, and other useful stats, which can help you figure out how to make your ad better and expand your home business. So now you know how to work with social ads on Facebook. But how can you make money online using Facebook to make profits for your home business. Well, if you have a website for your business then you can have your ad linked to your site and direct potential customers to buy your products or services. However, there are other ways of making money online using Facebook. If you are just getting started on your home business is just want to use the internet to make money, not necessarily sell a product or provide a service then online ads with Facebook will also help you make money at home. You don't have to sell your own products. Many affiliates will pay you to post their links.
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