Top Seven Interview Questions for College Graduates

Top Seven Interview Questions for College Graduates - Top...

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Unformatted text preview: Top Seven Interview Questions for College Graduates - Job Interviewing Current job market conditions may not be the most favorable, especially to new graduates. Now that you have graduated from college, you must be proud of your achievement and not allow yourself to be discouraged. When interviewing for a job you need to anticipate what questions your prospective boss might ask you. Much like when studying for one of your college exams, you should review for job interviews. It’s much easier to pass a test if you know what it’s on. Same goes with a job interview. So part of your job interview skill building exercise should be to know what the questions that could be asked. If you do this, then you’re half way to the job you want. So were do you start? You may want to narrow down the field and focus on which job or sector of the work force you’d like to be apart of. However, no matter if you’re looking to get your foot in the door in administration, IT, engineering, HR, PR, sales, marketing, or new media, you can...
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