Chapter I Summary

Chapter I Summary - Chapter I Summary Freedom, Order, or...

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Chapter I Summary Freedom, Order, or Equality? Globalization of American Government: Government is the legitimate use of force-including firearms, imprisonment, and execution-within specifies geographical boundaries to control human behavior. National sovereignty means that each national government has the right to govern its people as it wishes, without interference of other nations. In the world of increasing globalization in 21 st century the human rights weigh more. (Kofi Annan speech to the UN in support of NATO strikes against Serbian forces to stop genocide in Kosovo) Human rights’ concern is not limited to rogue nations. For example, Japan gave a cash settlements to the Chinese prisoners working under harsh conditions during WWII.(They admitted the violation of Hague Convention on prisoners’ rights) European Court of Human Rights led Britain to end its ban on gay men and women in the military. U.S. opposed International Criminal Court, because first, U.S. soldiers stationed in the countries abroad might be arrested and tried in that court. And second, death penalty was abolished by more then half of the countries in the world. Cold War had profound effect on America, since a lot of money went on the military and there was restricting trading with communist countries. Now we import more goods from China then from any other country. The purpose of government: Maintaining Order : Liberalism : the belief that states should leave the individuals free to follow their individual pursuits. Communism : a political system in which ownership of all land and productive facilities is in the hands of people. The production and distribution of goods are in hands of government. Order is the rule of law to preserve life and protect property. Thomas Hobbes (seventeenth century) theory was that preserving life was the most important function of the government. A single ruler should guarantee the safety of the weak. The name of this kind of government is “Leviathan”. This is an explanation why Iraqi citizens preferred the tyranny of Saddam Hussein. The ruling group in each of the countries became known as established order. John Locke in his “Two Treatises of Government” wrote that an objective of government is to protect
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Chapter I Summary - Chapter I Summary Freedom, Order, or...

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