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chapter 5 summary - Chapter V Summary Public Opinion and...

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Chapter V Summary Public Opinion and Political Socialization Public Opinion and the Models of Democracy Public Opinion: the collected attitudes of citizens concerning a given issue or question. The attitudes and actions of House of Representatives, the framers thought, would reflect public opinion, especially on the crucial issues of taxes and government spending. According to majoritarian model, government should do what public wants. Pluralists argue that the public as a whole seldom demonstrates clear, consistent opinions on the day-to-day issues of government. Government policy runs against majority opinion, and it becomes harder to defend US government as democratic under majoritarian rule (ex. Capital punishment or prayer in schools) The Distribution of Public Opinion Shape of the distribution The results of public polls results in graphs. Skewed distribution: an asymmetrical but generally bell shaped distribution of opinions, its mode, or most frequent response. Bimodal distribution: a distribution that shows two responses being chosen about as frequently as each other. Normal distribution: is a symmetrical bell shaped distribution centered on a single mode or frequent response. Stability of distribution Stable distribution: shows little change over time. Americans have long standing support for death penalty. Most opinion polls ask respondents to place themselves along with only a single liberal- conservative dimension, which tends to force libertarians and communitarians into the middle category. Sometimes public opinion is not reflected by opinions of subgroups (college students were
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chapter 5 summary - Chapter V Summary Public Opinion and...

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