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chapter 6 summary - Chapter VI Summary People, Government...

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Chapter VI Summary People, Government and Communications Mass media: the means employed in mass communication; often divided into print media and broadcast media. Print Media: communicate information through the publication of words and pictures on paper. Broadcast Media: communicate information electronically, through sounds and images. The Development of the Mass Media in the USA Newspapers At first, newspapers were read only by economic and social elites. Towards the end of 19 th century, publishers started to entertain with photos. NY had only 3 newspapers left by 1969, since radio and television were popular. Newspaper circulation has dropped 43% since 1950. The Times and Wall Street Journal print more political news and news what most of the readers would like to confront. Magazines Attentive Policy Elites : are the leaders who follow news in specific policy areas. Two-step flow of communication: the process in which a few policy elites gather information and then inform their more numerous followers, mobilizing them to apply pressure to government. Many magazines are forums of opinions. Radio Began in 1920, broadcasted the election of President Warren Harding. Millions of Americans listened to Roosevelt’s “fireside chat” and all of the USA was able to hear about explosion of dirigible Hindenburg in NJ. Television Experiments started in France and by 1940 USA has 23 television stations. First coast-to-coast broadcast was Truman’s address to delegates at the Japanese peace treaty.
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chapter 6 summary - Chapter VI Summary People, Government...

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