chapter 8 - Political Science Chapter VIII Summary...

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Political Science Chapter VIII Summary Political Parties Political Party : is an organization that supports candidates for political office under organization’s name. Nomination : designation as an official candidate of a political party. - At least two political parties exist that regularly content elections. Political system: a set of interrelated institutions that link people with government. -Parties can provide a form of quality control for their nominees through the process of peer review. -Parties help democratic government by structuring the voting choice, reducing the number of candidates on the ballot to those who have realistic chance of winning. -Parties help voters choose among candidates by proposing alternative programs of government action. -Party organizations help coordinate the actions of public officials. Electoral College: a body of electors chosen by voters to cast ballots for president and vice president. Caucus: is a closed meeting of the members of a political party to decide questions of policy and the selection of candidates for office. - Washington was classified as federalist by supporting constitution (the first group was lead by Hamilton and opposite was Jefferson) - The party function of nominating candidates emerged more clearly in the election of 1800. - The troublesome outcomes of 1800 led to ratification of Amendment 12.
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chapter 8 - Political Science Chapter VIII Summary...

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