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chapter 10 summary - Political Science Chapter X Summary An...

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Political Science Chapter X Summary An interest group is an organized body of individuals who share some political goals and try to influence public policy Interest groups play many roles in the American political system: -Representation -Participation -Education -Agenda building -Program monitoring Pluralists such as David Truman se interest groups naturally forming when people are adversely affected by a disturbance. Political scientist Robert Salisbury argues that quality leadership is a key determinant of a successful interest group formation. Who is being organized is also an important force affecting group formation. The wealthy and the well educated are more likely to form and join lobbies. Three variables help explain why groups become or do not become fully organized. - A disturbance or change may make people aware that they need political representation. - The quality of leadership - The higher the socioeconomic level of potential members, the more likely those members are to join. One of the most valuable resources a group can have is a large and politically active membership. The free rider problem is a situation in which people benefit from the activities of the organization but do not contribute to those activities. Lobbyists can be either full-time employees of the organization or hired from law firms or public relations firms. Political action committees pool contributions from group members and donate those funds to candidates for office. In direct lobbying , a group’s representatives have direct contact with a policymaker. In grassroots lobbying , an interest group’s rank-and-file members, and possibly others outside the organization try to influence government on some issues. Informational campaigns are organized efforts to gain public backing by bringing the group’s
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chapter 10 summary - Political Science Chapter X Summary An...

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