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chapter 15 summary - Chapter XV Summary Order and Civil...

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Chapter XV Summary Order and Civil Liberties The Bill of Rights The failure to include a bill of rights was the most important obstacle to the adoption of the Constitution. As it was originally written, the Bill of Rights imposed limits on the national government but not on the state governments. The Constitution guarantees Americans numerous liberties and rights. The protection of civil liberties in the Bill of Rights has been a center of conflict between the basic values of freedom and order. Freedom of Religion - The First Amendment prevents government from interfering with freedom of religion in two different ways The Supreme Court has affirmed the establishment clause , which requires government to maintain religious neutrality but does not bar all assistance to religious institutions. The current standard for assessing whether or not the establishment clause has been violated was established by the court in Lemon v. Kurtzman Lemon v. Kurtzman The case held that government programs and laws under the clause: Must have a secular purpose Must have a primary effect that does not advance or inhibit religion Must not entangle the government excessively with religion. Contemporary interpretation of the free exercise clause of the First Amendment protects religious beliefs but not actions based on those beliefs. Freedom of Expression According to the dominant view, the freedom of expression clause confers on individuals the right to unrestricted discussion of public affairs, as long as public order is not directly threatened. Symbolic expression
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chapter 15 summary - Chapter XV Summary Order and Civil...

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