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chapter 16 summary - Political Science Chapter XVI Summary...

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Political Science Chapter XVI Summary Equality and Civil Rights Conceptions of Equality Americans want equality, but they differ on the extent to which government should provide it. Most Americans support equality of opportunity, which gives individuals the same opportunities to get ahead. Americans are less committed to equality of outcome, which entails greater uniformity of social, economic, and political power for people. The civil rights movement in the U.S. has been based on the idea that social and economic equality should be attainable for all people. Civil Rights are powers or privileges guaranteed to individuals and protected from arbitrary removal at the hands of government or individuals. The Civil War Amendments The Civil War amendments were adopted to provide black Americans with civil and political rights. The Supreme Court seemed intent on weakening federal attempts to ensure the civil rights of black Americans. With the nullification of the Civil Rights Act of 1875, state laws that formally protected racial segregation proliferated. In the Plessy v. Ferguson decision, the Supreme Court upheld the separate but equal doctrine, a concept that providing separate but equivalent facilities for blacks and whites satisfies the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Dismantling School Desegregation Denied access to the political system, black Americans began to seek access to the courts in order to challenge racial segregation in education. The NAACP helped black Americans challenge state laws denying them access to white- only universities. In 1954, the Supreme Court rejected the separate-but-equal doctrine in its decision in
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chapter 16 summary - Political Science Chapter XVI Summary...

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