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Bus 115 - Syl. 2009 B

Bus 115 - Syl. 2009 B - COLLEGE OF BUSINESS STATE...

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COLLEGE OF BUSINESS STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT STONY BROOK COURSE SYLABBUS (BUS 115) Business in the 21st Century with Writing Requirements for Business Majors (Business 115) Spring - 2010 Day: Monday and Wednesday Instructor: Dr. Richard F. Laskowski Telephone: 632-8558 Office Hours: (TBA) E-mail address : [email protected] TEXT: Business in the 21st Century; authors: Nickels, McHugh and McHugh; publisher McGraw Hill (Custom Publishing) – latest edition Wall Street Journal Packet (purchased in the book store) RECOMMENDED READINGS: “The World is Flat” and “Hot, Flat, and Crowded” by Thomas L. Friedman and “Winning” by Jack Welsh. MATERIALS : A large notebook will be required for class COURSE DESCRIPTION: BUS 115 introduces business majors to critical business thinkers who have influenced today’s business practices. It allows the student to utilize the material learned in the class to demonstrate their research and writing abilities by tracking specific companies throughout the semester. Written and verbal reports will be required weekly to show how companies operate in our contemporary business environment. These activities will prepare the student for advanced business courses. COURSE OBJECTIVES : The objectives of this course are to introduce the students to the environment of doing business in the 21st century. Specifically it will allow the students to use their knowledge of the business environment, the four major business functions and four management functions, to demonstrate how they are used in a global business community by working with an assigned company. Specifically the students will:
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UNDER BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT: - become an expert and understand the operations of an individual firm - learn about both Industrial and Information Age companies in the 21st century - learn to gather and analyze business information to assist in decision making - learn to use the World Wide Web and other sources to perform data gathering - demonstrate individual communication skills representing their views to their colleagues with weekly presentations and a final presentation utilizing Power Point. - understand, and learn to operate in the team environment found in today’s business environment - discuss how current economic, political and social environmental issues impact their companies UNDER BUSINESS FUNCTIONS : - understand the business functions/disciplines associated with managing a company to help decide on future areas of business studies, major selections and career decisions - learn the basic elements that make up a business plan - develop a business plan for their individual companies UNDER MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS: - Learn how management functions are integrated into all the business functions The Computer Lab in room 316 on the third floor of Harriman Hall is open 12 hours a day and available for your use except when the lab is in use for a scheduled class. The lab is available for web research, assignment write-ups and Power Point presentations. A teaching assistant will be available to assist in any of these activities.
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Bus 115 - Syl. 2009 B - COLLEGE OF BUSINESS STATE...

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