Lecture 2 - Topics for the day Administrative stuff The...

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Topics for the day Administrative stuff The Rutherford atom Properties of waves Electromagnetic radiation Blackbody radiation Administrative stuff You don’t need an iClicker until the 12th class day, but I’m going to use them in the mean time (not graded). If you have one, get it out at the start of class. I usually use them at the start and somewhere near the middle of the lecture. If you were in CH301 and took the ALEKS prep. chemistry assessment last fall, you have to take it again; however, you will get an error message when you log in. My latest announcement on Blackboard tells you what to do. Prerequisite problems? Talk to the Undergraduate Course OfFce (WEL 2.212) Special accommodations? Talk to DrRuth before 12th class day Administrative stuff The Zumdahl eBook and associated extra material are free for you to look at for seven days after you Frst access it. This may help you decide whether or not you wish to purchase a new manual with passcode or not. New menu button in Blackboard for Exam information. OfFce hours survey now in Blackboard Assignments area. Please interrupt during class to ask questions. End of class. I will always summarize, assign any readings or homework. I’d appreciate your attention until I am done. 1 2 3
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A. Yes and I thought it was very helpful B. Yes but I don’t think it was used well C. Yes and I don’t think it’s worth it D. No and it seems pretty easy E. What are you talking about? iClicker Time
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Lecture 2 - Topics for the day Administrative stuff The...

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