Lecture 8 - Topics for the day • Administrative stuff...

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Unformatted text preview: Topics for the day • Administrative stuff, including Help before the exam • Exam One • How to succeed in this class • Electron conFgurations • Isoelectronic species • Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism Administrative stuff Don’t forget to register your iClicker I’ll be sending an email to everyone who does not show up on my iclicker register over the weekend. If you don’t get an email, your registration worked. Reminder about homework: ALEKS covers most topics in chapter QUEST covers topics *not* covered by ALEKS (+ revision) You need to do *BOTH* QUEST sample exams cover everything Exam One! Next Wed 2/10, 7 - 9 pm, WEL 1.308. You will need: non-programmable calculator UT student ID card several #2 pencils empty bladder You may not leave before, or start after, 7:45 pm. Once you leave, you may not return. 1 2 3 Multiple choice like homework Answered using a scantron sheet Don’t even think about cheating off someone else. Every exam is different. Keep your copy of your exam Check and double check that you have correctly entered each answer on the scantron sheet, and your EID, and your exam version number. ≤ 15% of the exam will be revision questions The rest will be on Chapter 12 The sample exam already on Quest shows the range of questions that you can expect on the exam. Doing your ALEKS and Quest homework and the sample exam = studying for your exam. College Survival Hints #1 Things to do to help you succeed in class Do the assigned homework You may work on Quest homework with others, in study group or with a TA if you like, but in the exam you are on your own. Once someone else has helped you answer a question, practice it more so you can do it yourself. Do not get help doing your ALEKS homework or it won’t work. It needs to understand what you can’t do. Attend every class If you can’t, catch up what you missed. Discussion of the topics rather than just bare facts Shows commitment to the course....
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Lecture 8 - Topics for the day • Administrative stuff...

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