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STUDY GUIDE Campbell 7th and 8th editions BIO 311D CHINNERY CHAPTER 35 Important figures 7th edition: 30.12 (from chapter 30), 35.2, 35.4, 35.5, 35.8, 35.10, 35.11, 35.12, 35.15, 35.16, 35.17, 35.24, 35.27, 35.28, 35.29 Important figures 8th edition: 35.2, 35.4, 35.5, 35.6, 35.7, 35.8, 35.9, 35.11, 35.12, 35.13, 35.16,35.18, 35.25, 35.26, 35.27, 35.31, 35.32 Important terms : morphology, root system, shoot system, root, shoot, leaf, tissue, organ, root hair, stem, axillary bud, terminal bud, apical dominance, node, internode, leaf blade, petiole, vein, dermal tissue, vascular tissue, ground tissue, zylem, phloem, primary growth, secondary growth, stoma, stomata, guard cells, morphogenesis, plane, symmetry, pattern formation, polarity, phase changes. Knowledge goals : Review the general features of plant cells and the functions of the following (from 311C): chloroplasts, mitochondria, central vacuole.
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Unformatted text preview: What distinguishes a cell wall from a cell membrane? What are plasmodesmata? Be prepared to label leaves, stems, and roots on different plant specimens, and be able to describe the primary functions of each. Give some examples of highly modified stems, roots, and leaves, and discuss their specialized functions and how they help their plants live in certain environments. How might these have evolved through natural selection? Discuss two ways in which a plant cell could become specialized and differentiated. Describe some changes that occur in a) xylem cells and b) guard cells as each matures and differentiates. Describe the differences between monocots and eudicots (leaf venation, flower formation and vascular structure). Discuss differences and similarities between xylem and phloem. Explain the ability of plants to have indeterminate growth....
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