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STUDY GUIDE Campbell 7th and 8th editions BIO 311D CHINNERY CHAPTER 43 Important figures 7th edition: 43.2, 43.3, 43.4, 43.5, 43.6, 43.12, 43.13, 43.14, 43.2, 43.21, 43.22, table 43.1. Important figures 8th edition: 43.2, 43.3, 43.7, 43.8, 43.10, 43.14, 43.15, 43.16, 43.23, 43.25, 43.26 Important terms: immunity, innate immunity, acquired immunity, pathogen, external defenses, internal defenses, phagocytosis, neutrophil, macrophage, lymphatic system, inflammatory response, natural killer cells, apoptosis, lymphocyte, antigen, antibody, clonal selection, primary immune response, secondary immune response, active immunity, passive immunity, blood transfusion, tissue transplant, allergy, anaphylactic shock, autoimmune disease, immunodeficiency disease, primary
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Unformatted text preview: immunodeficiencies, secondary immunodeficiencies, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Knowledge goals: Be able to discuss the differences between innate and acquired immunity and external and internal defenses. What are our external defenses? What are our internal innate defenses? What is phagocytosis? List the major events in a local inflammatory response. What are the two different types of lymphocytes? Be able to describe B-cells and the two clones that they produce. What does it mean to say that the immune system can distinguish self from nonself? What are allergies? Autoimmune diseases? Immunodeficiency diseases? Why is AIDS such a devastating disease?...
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  • Immunodeficiency, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, internal defenses, internal innate defenses, external defenses

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