Algebra DQ2 due February 25 2010

Algebra DQ2 due February 25 2010 - The solution when...

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One can tell if a value is a solution for an inequality when the statements are true because the statement is greater than, less than or equal to the value. For example, x + 1 > 4, changing the greater than symbol to an equal sign then x becomes 3. This is if different from determining if a value is a solution to an equation because inequalities have various solutions and equations have unique solutions.
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Unformatted text preview: The solution when replaced with an equal sign becomes the same value to both the equation and inequality when the inequality has a greater than or less than sign, or the less than or equal sign has the same value, which solves the equation. For example, 2 + 4 > 5 6>5 True 6=5 False For the class please tell me if this is a true or false statement: -22x > 6....
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