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Name (PRINT): ______ ANSWER KEY ________ Directions: 1. No books or notes may be using during this test. There should be no data stored on your calcula- tor for use on the exam. This includes but is not limited to periodic tables and chemical equations and formulas. 2. There are a total of 9 sections (some with several parts) for a sum of 100 points. 3. Be certain that, wherever applicable, you show your work . Problems in Sections 4, 6 and 9 that are answered without showing detailed work will not receive credit . 4. Please note: there are no intentionally misleading questions on this test. Each problem should be taken at its face value. You must, however, be certain to read each problem carefully! 5. If you have any questions please ask your professor. X DO NOT REMOVE THIS PAGE FROM YOUR EXAM!!!!! W Please be sure that you are officially enrolled in the section named below: Section 1– Le Engers Exam Score________ Chem 102A Examination 3 Fall, 2008 I pledge on my honor that I have neither given nor received improper aid on this examination. ______________________________ (Signature)
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2 SECTION 1 (12 PTS. TOTAL; 2 PTS. EACH) Circle either True or False for each answer. (1) According to the VSEPR theory, BCl 3 and AlCl 3 molecules are expected to have the same molecular geometry. True False (2) Of the species NO 2 , NO and N 2 , only N 2 obeys the octet rule. True False (3) Atomic radii decrease across a row from left to right in the peri- odic table because the effective nuclear charge decreases. True False (4) Compound MgSO 4 contains both ionic and nonpolar covalent bonds. True False (5) In their gas phase, it requires less energy to remove a single electron from oxygen atom than from nitrogen atom. True False (6) Molecules containing a central atom with sp 3 hybridization will all have tetrahedral molecular geometry. True False SECTION 2 (27 PTS. TOTAL; 3 PTS. EACH) Pick the one best answer; if you circle more than one, you will receive NO credit! (1) Which of the following species is paramagnetic? a) Ca b) O 2 c) V 3+ d) Kr e) None of these (2) Which of the following pairs is isoelectronic? a) Mn 2+ and Ar b) Zn 2+ and Cu 2+ c) Na + and K + d) Rb + and Br e) None of these (3) Arrange the following ions in order of increasing ionic radius: K + , P 3 , S 2 , Cl .
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Exam_3 fall - Name (PRINT): _ANSWER KEY_ Chem 102A...

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