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Chem110L, Fall 2009 Preparation for the lab exam: The final exam in Chem110L tests your understanding of methods that you have learned in the course. It also tests your knowledge about biological systems that were studied in the lab, and tests your ability to carry out calculations that biochemists routinely use. I assume that you know topics that were covered in Chem142A. You can prepare for the exam by studying material in all the experiment handouts and reviewing quiz questions. The Boyer book might be helpful. Check out the sample test and attend a review session this Thursday and Friday. I am planning to ask questions in the following categories: 1. Physical principles behind each of the observation/study methods a. Separation of macromolecules by gel electrophoresis b. Separation of molecules by chromatography c. Factors that determine the resolution in size exclusion chromatography d. Study of biological systems by microscopy e. Quantitative analysis; biosensors, coupled enzymatic assays
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