CHEM162A_Final_Guide_F09 - Chem 162/262 Final Exam Guide...

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Chem 162/262 Final Exam Guide The final exam in Chem 162/262 will test your understanding of topics covered in the course. You should be well familiar with the required reading and homework assignments. Furthermore, you should be intimately familiar with the project that you are working on in this course. You can demonstrate your understanding by explaining concepts and techniques relevant to drug design and applying your knowledge to solve problems. Of course, understanding a topic requires good knowledge of the material. An old sample exam key is available at I believe that the following resources help you best in preparing for the exam: a) Lecture material. Was there anything that I said and was not clear? If so, please see if you can get answers by (i) asking me or (ii) asking our TA, or (iii) reading the textbook/literature/Internet. b) Required reading. First, make sure that you have some idea what is the main point of each of these papers. Then see if which papers you need to read more thoroughly to strengthen your understanding of the material. c) Textbooks. Our suggested textbook provides a good background on receptors, ligand based design, and QSAR. It does not cover the disease biology and target validation approaches well. You may want to consult a general biochemistry or molecular biology text if you are not familiar with these methods. Topics from lectures that I consider most important
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CHEM162A_Final_Guide_F09 - Chem 162/262 Final Exam Guide...

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