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Course syllabus for Chemistry 1C General Chemistry: Kalju Kahn Class meets: MWF 11 :00 – 11:50 A M Chem 1179 Spring 2006 Textbook: Steven S. Zumdahl, Chemical Principles, 5 th Ed., Houghton Mifflin Company, 2005 Instructor: Dr. Kalju Kahn , Office: PSB-N 1511, E-mail: Phone: 893-6157 Office Hours: M,R 12:00-1:00 PM or by appointment Course website: TENTATIVE LECTURE SCHEDULE Wee k Date Topics Chapter 1 April 3 – 7 Molecular structure: VSEPR Covalent bonding: hybridization and shapes of molecules Bonding in diatomic molecules, electron delocalization 13 14 2 April 10 – 14 Orbitals and electronic spectroscopy Intermolecular forces: dipole-dipole and London dispersion Liquids: properties and structure 14 16 3 April 17 – 21 Quiz 1 Molecular solids, ionic solids Atomic solids: Metals, alloys, superconductors Network atomic solids, ceramics, semiconductors 16 4 April 24 – 28 Exam 1 Change of state: vapor pressure, phase diagrams Introduction to solutions: composition, thermodynamics Exam 1 Fri. Apr. 28 17 5 May 1 –5 Properties of solutions: Henry’s Law, Raoult’s law Colligative properties, osmotic pressure Colloids, the Tyndall effect, ferrofluids 17 6 May 8 – 12 Transition metals: general properties and uses Chemistry of Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, and Cu Coordination chemistry: ligands, isomerism, chirality 20 7 May 15 – 19 Quiz 2 Coordination chemistry: the crystal field model Bioinorganic chemistry: heme The nucleus: radioactive decay, isotopes, dating 20 8 May 22 – 26 Exam 2 Organic molecules: alkanes, isomerism, conformations Organic molecules: alkenes, alkynes, aromatic compounds Exam 2 Fri. May 26 22 9 May 29 May 31 June 2 Holiday May 29 Organic molecules: oxygen-containing functionalities Synthetic and natural polymers 22 10 June 5 – 9 Biochemical molecules Representative elements: N, O, S, P, the noble gases 22 18-19 Chem. 1C FINAL EXAM : Thursday June 15 12 noon – 3 PM Chem. 1179
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Expectations of Students in Chem 1C: (Dr. Kahn, Spring 2006) 1) Attendance and taking good lecture notes is expected. Supplementing the lecture notes with study notes based on the textbook is a good way to improve your chances to be successful in this course. You should dedicate at least one hour reviewing/supplementing the lecture notes for each lecture session. 2)
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CHEM1C_Syllabus_S06_Kahn - Course syllabus for Chemistry 1C...

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