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Unformatted text preview: I use a clicker. I need to know these things: 1. The button on the left is the OFF (0) / ON (1) button. When first turned on, that blocky graphic on the lower right shows the approximate battery charge. I can use the Diagnostics menu to get a more accurate indication of battery life. 2. When the battery charge gets below about 15%, I should replace the three AAA batteries, using a small Phillips screwdriver. 3. When switched on, the unit will go to sleep in 4 minutes or less to conserve the batteries. Pressing any key will wake it up. If previously joined to an RF class, it is still joined. 4. If I have joined an RF class, I need to leave my clicker turned ON until the class is over. If I accidentally turn my clicker off, I then need to re-join the RF class in progress. 5. I need to learn to navigate through the menus. I can use the instruction sheet that comes with the unit. I can use the visual aids on the PRS User Group Smartsite: (http://smartsite.ucdavis.edu; login; under joinable sites search for PRS and join; look in Docs/ Software / Clicker Menus ). 6. I need to correctly enter my student ID in order to get class credit for clicker use. Once entered, I will recheck that I have entered my ID correctly (it will be retained in flash memory). ON/OFF Scroll buttons Enter Backspace Menu(star) Clicker Control Buttons 7. Once an RF class is started, I can use the channel number to quickly join the class. With a class scan in progress, press the channel number/letter, and then the large green Enter button. 8. After a clicker question is started, I respond by pressing the answer key(s) and the large green Enter button. The second line on my clicker LCD should change to Received. If any error message is displayed, try sending the answer again. 9. Before sending additional answers, I can use the Backspace key to remove any incorrect answer that may remain from sending a previous answer. 10. If I really want my answer to be counted, I need to send it before the last couple of seconds on the question timer. 11. I cannot share my clicker with another student during the same class. 12. I will not bring my friend’s clicker and enter answers for them. ATS, R. Ralston, 9/19/08 ...
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