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midterm_1bkey - Midterm 1 PSC 1(4 Fall 2006 Test Form B...

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Midterm 1 PSC 1(4) Fall 2006 Test Form B Name____________________________ ID#___________________________ Instructions: Fill in your personal information on both the test and scantron Bubble in your ID# and your test form Bubble in your answers carefully on the scantron and mark them on your test Indicate above your name if you want your test returned to you in the bins in Young Hall by writing “Place in Bins” above your name on the scantron Check your answers carefully MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) A researcher plans to investigate whether a cup of hot milk at night helps people relax so that they fall asleep quickly. In this study: A) the control group consists of the individuals drinking hot milk at bedtime. B) the independent variable is the amount of time it takes the person to fall asleep. C) the independent variable is the hot milk at bedtime. D) experimenter effects will occur unless the researcher improves the hypothesis. 2) As Shane stands between the railroad tracks, the rails appear to converge in the distance. This cue to inferring depth and distance is called: A) relative clarity. B) relative size. C) retinal disparity. D) linear perspective. 3) Using Pavlov's procedure for classical conditioning you are able to condition your dog to salivate to middle C played on the piano. When you play the note above middle C, your pet still salivates, even though she never received food paired with this note! This phenomenon is known as:
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4) One of the goals of ________ is to systematically record behavior without interfering with the behavior. 5) Joan begs her father for a frosted cookie at the bakery but he refuses. Joan continues to whine and complain until finally her father buys her the cookie. For her dad, the ending of Joan's whiny behavior is a ________ and for Joan the cookie is ________. 6) In the example below, ________ occurs when the brain fills in gaps in order to perceive complete forms. A) similarity B) proximity C) closure D) continuity
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