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Study guide for the BIS 2C final About 75% of the final will be from the last third of the quarter—that is, since midterm #2. During that time, we have covered Metazoan diversity, a bit on fungi, and our last three lectures. Our feeling is that the best way to study for the final is to 1) go over your lecture notes (and remember, not everything that any of us talked about is just on the powerpoints), 2) try to identify the key elements that are in each lecture, and 3) think about how the lectures link together in a comparative framework. For the metazoan material, here are some ways of approaching the material. If I (Brad) lectured on the biodiversity of each of the 7 major metazoan clades in class, then I probably think that is important. If I talk about how a sponge works, or a water vascular system, or vertebrate jaw evolution, then its probably important. If there are themes of convergent evolution or coevolution or symbiosis that cut across the entire quarter, then its probably worth trying to focus on those themes and examples that exemplify them. Phylogenetic trees and characters that support clades have been continuously
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