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Preparing Your ACS Examination Organic Chemistry1 4

Preparing Your ACS Examination Organic Chemistry1 4 -...

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Unformatted text preview: Acknowledgements Asfarasweareahle to ascertain. this Oficichuideis lirelarystvolunteernndertakinginthehistory of the Examinations Institute. The individuals who agreed to serve on the committee to deliver the technical content must have had many second droughts during the mo years the guide was in the making. Nonetheless, they came through with an excellent piece of work—an in-depth guide that will benefit students studying organic chemistry for many years to come. The frequently felt. but often-unsaid, “Thank you. ” fromonrsmdents is the real reward forthis kind ofendeavor. A "Nicejob, guys!” from colleagues is also important Well. here’s our “Nice job, guys, and thrusts a million?” from the staff of the Examinations Institute. Organic Qfidrrl Guide Committee Marshall W. Logue. Chair Michigan Tech University John Michael Ferguson University of Central Oklahoma James G. MacMillan University of Northern Iowa H. Marl: Perks University of Maryland. Baltimore County Ron Wikholm University of Connecticut This" Qfl'icial Guide also benefited from the careful proofreading by several colleagues. We extend our special thanks to these faculty members. Carmen M. Simone Casper College Richard W. Mrmison University of Georgia Tamera S. Jahnke Southwest Missouri State University Michael A. McKinney Marquette University Stephen E. Branz San Jose State University James O. Schreck University of Northern Colorado Susan M. Schelble University of Colorado at Denver Amina K. El-Ashmawy Collin County Community College Michelle M. Dose Hardin—Simmons University The personnel of the ACS Division of Chemical Education Examinations Institute played a central role in helping us to produce Preparheg for Your .403 Examination In Organic Chemistry.- The Ofiicr'rd Guide. Averyspecialdtankyouforalloftheworkinvolvedisowedmourstafimemhers. Brenda A. Rathz Clemson University Sherri P. Morrison Clemson University W. Sam Burroughs Clemson University While all of these reviewers have been very helpful in finding [noblems large and small, any remaining errors are solely our responsibility. You can assist us in the preparation of an even better product by notifying the Exams Institute of any errors you may find. I. Dwain Eubanis lacy T. Eubmtks Clemson, South Carolina February. 2002 ...
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