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ls -l: Display a list of names and associated access permissions, owner, size, and modiFcation date of the directories and Fles in the present working directory. mkdir dir : Create the directory named dir in the present working directory. rm fle : Delete fle from current directory. more fle : Display the contents of fle (text Fle only), one screen at a time (press spacebar to display the next screen, q to quit). cp fle1 fle2 : Make of copy of fle1 named fle2 . mv fle1 fle2 : Change the name of fle1 to fle2 . lp fle :P r in t s fle (which must be a text Fle) on the user’s default printer. Matlab File Management Matlab provides a group of commands to manage user Fles that are similar to those of Unix. ±or more information, type help iofun . pwd: Print working directory – displays the full path of the present working directory. cd
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Unformatted text preview: dir or ls : Display the names of the directories (folders) and Fles in the present working directory. what : Display the names of the M-Fles and MAT-Fles in the current directory. delete fle : Delete fle from current directory type fle : Display contents of fle (text Fle only, such as an M-Fle). 3.2 Saving and Restoring Matlab Information It is good engineering practice to keep records of calculations. These records can be used for several purposes, including: • To revise the calculations at a later time. • To prepare a report on the project. Matlab provides several methods for saving information from a workspace session. Saving the session output with the diary command and saving and loading the variables with the save and load command are described in this section. 39...
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