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>> temp = 78 temp = 78 disp : There are two general forms of the command disp that are useful in displaying results and annotating them with units or other information: 1. disp( variable ) : Displays value of variable without displaying the variable name. 2. disp( string ) :D i sp lay s string by stripping oF the single quotes and echoing the charac- ters between the quotes. String: A group of keyboard characters enclosed in single quote marks ( ). The quote marks indicate that the enclosed characters are to represent ASCII text. >> temp=78; >> disp(temp); disp(’degrees F’) 78 degrees F Note that the two disp commands were entered on the same line so that they would be executed together. fprintf One of the weaknesses of Matlab is its lack of good facilities for formatting output for display or printing. A function providing some of the needed capability is
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