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If y is not a member of the set of floating-point numbers, we say that x is not representable in the floating-point number system. This can happen if x is too large, which is called overflow error; or if the absolute value of x is too small, which is called an underflow error. In Matlab , numbers are typically represented in a floating-point representation conforming to a standard established by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in 1985. In the IEEE double-precision standard used by Matlab , there are 53 bits in the mantissa and 11 bits in the exponent, for a total of 64 bits to represent a scalar number. This provides a range of values extending from 10 308 to 10 308 .A single-precision representation is usually considered to be a 32-bit representation, but this is not supported by Matlab . Two Matlab functions, realmax and realmin
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